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The Strenuous Life Podcast with Stephan Kesting

This is the Stephan Kesting's Grapplearts Radio Podcast where we discuss BJJ, Grappling, MMA, and all manner of martial arts training.

Stephan runs, where he has published many hundreds of martial arts videos, articles and tutorials.

His free guide to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, A Roadmap for BJJ, has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has become a foundational text for the art. Click here to download that book for free as well.

Stephan has a lengthy career in martial arts, spanning more than 3 decades.  He has dedicated many years to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and you can find his accessible and practical expertise on all BJJ matters at

A black belt in multiple martial art systems, he brings a range of approaches to self defense, and a critical eye for what works in the street.

Stephan has been featured in Black Belt Magazine, Ultimate Grappling, Tapout Magazine and Ultimate Athlete.

He is also a frequent guest on martial arts related podcasts, including The Fightworks Podcast, Atlantic MMA, Combatives Corner, The Warrior’s Den, The Spartan Underground and many more.

Aug 25, 2018

I really, really enjoyed talking to Shane Adams, the godfather of modern full contact jousting, in this on-site interview. 

Full contact jousting involves two knights in full armour attack each other on charging horses using solid wooden lances that deliver 2,000 lbs of force.  Shattered lances, unhorsings, broken bones, concussions and impacts that feel like you're being hit in the chest with a sledge hammer.

Oh, did I mention that dodging, ducking, parrying, and blocking your opponent's lance is NOT allowed?  You have to sit there and take it.

This is definitely NOT a choreographed Vegas dinner show.  

Shane and I talk about the physical and mental aspects of jousting, and what distinguishes people who make it through the training to perform in this sport.

I really enjoyed the part where he talks about balancing on the knife's edge between the aggression required to do this insane sport, and the zen state of mind you need to properly plan and aim your shot.

If you enjoyed this then subscribe to the podcast because I hope to bring Shane back for a longer and more detailed conversation before the end of the year!

Check it out, and for more information about full contact jousting check out