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The Strenuous Life Podcast with Stephan Kesting

This is the Stephan Kesting's Grapplearts Radio Podcast where we discuss BJJ, Grappling, MMA, and all manner of martial arts training.

Stephan runs, where he has published many hundreds of martial arts videos, articles and tutorials.

His free guide to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, A Roadmap for BJJ, has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has become a foundational text for the art. Click here to download that book for free as well.

Stephan has a lengthy career in martial arts, spanning more than 3 decades.  He has dedicated many years to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and you can find his accessible and practical expertise on all BJJ matters at

A black belt in multiple martial art systems, he brings a range of approaches to self defense, and a critical eye for what works in the street.

Stephan has been featured in Black Belt Magazine, Ultimate Grappling, Tapout Magazine and Ultimate Athlete.

He is also a frequent guest on martial arts related podcasts, including The Fightworks Podcast, Atlantic MMA, Combatives Corner, The Warrior’s Den, The Spartan Underground and many more.

Jan 3, 2021

Daniel Goldberg is a medical historian, a public health ethicist, a lawyer and has practiced BJJ for 8 years. It was great to have him on the podcast to talk about the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and when we might be able to get back to normal.
00:50 - Introduction to Daniel Goldberg
06:09 - On the difficulty of persuading the unpersuadable
08:02 - How the current pandemic has many historical precedents
12:20 - Vaccine distribution in the USA
19:30 - What happens when everyone make individual choices during a pandemic
22:30 - Why have black, indigenous and latino communities have been rampaged with the virus?
27:45 - Covid-19 vs the Spanish flu
36:15 - Conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and where does distrust of experts come from
44:40 - How to talk to a covid denialist
1:00:20 - Politicians jumping to the front of the vaccination line
1:05:20 - Long term effects of Covid-19
1:12:30 - The BJJ community and Covid-19
1:17:10 - Would paying people to stay home really have worked?
1:25:00 - When might we all return to jiu-jitsu?