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The Strenuous Life Podcast with Stephan Kesting

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Dec 3, 2020

01:32 - Qualifications of epidemiologists Dr Katrine Wallace and Madeline Lewis
04:42 - Is COVID-19 actually 99.5% survivable?
06:33 - What are the current best estimates of the COVID-19 infection fatality rate and case fatality rates?
10:00 - How important are IFR and CFR in the policy decisions?
10:50 - Is COVID-19 no more deadly than the flu?
13:55 - Problems with comparing Covid to the seasonal flu
15:18 - Are scientists under-reporting the flu and/or counting every case or the flu as covid?
22:05 - Do scientists and the CDC want everyone to lock down forever?
23:57 - Did lockdowns work in other countries?
26:28 - Would less intrusive measures work to control COVID-19?
28:54 - Where are the deaths, is this a casedemic, and are there only more cases because of more testing?
31:40 - How long does it take to go from infected, to getting sick, going to the hospital, and dying?
32:56 - When will we see the cases and deaths peak from 2020 Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA?
36:16 - How many people are going to die per day this winter?
37:11 - How infectious is COVID-19 (comparing the R0 value of covid to that of the flu)?
40:08 - Why are the CDC and the WHO changing their stories and the advice they give?
44:31 - Is Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment being suppressed by big pharma?
50:02 - Judging the quality of evidence and data in disease research
55:39 - Are scientists coordinating their findings and suppressing inconvenient findings?
59:33 - Do hospitals get paid more to count deaths as COVID-19?
1:05:38 - Are COVID-19deaths being overcounted or undercounted in the USA?
1:08:24 - Do cloth masks and surgical masks work?
1:13:56 - Are masks enough to stop the pandemic?
1:15:48 - Car accidents deaths vs COVID-19 deaths
1:17:50 - The minimum infectious dose, or will you automatically get sick if you're exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus?
1:19:23 - How can we have confidence that the vaccine will be safe?
1:29:57 - What about herd immunity, the Swedish approach and the Great Barrington Declaration?
1:37:50 - Potential longterm health effects of COVID-19
1:38:57 - Are personal sacrifices and limitations necessary to deal with the pandemic?
1:42:14 - How can one convince vaccine skeptics?
1:45:24 - Gyms and fitness facilities during the COVID-19
1:51:51 - False dichotomies and false choices in the jiu-jitsu community
1:56:40 - The difference between case numbers and test positivity rates
1:59:45 - How do epidemiologists stay sane in 2020?

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