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Mar 23, 2019

Switching to no gi grappling can be difficult. Here are 5 steps that will make it easier... 1) Accept that No Gi is an inherently faster style of grappling and be prepared to push the pace harder at times, 2) Change your grips so that they aren't gi dependent, 3) Get rid of your gi dependent guards and start developing guards that work in no gi, 4) Learn how to take the back, maintain the back and submit from the back because it's the best position in no gi grappling, 5) Develop your leglock and guillotine choke submissions because those are much more prevalent in no gi than in gi.

If you would like some more help developing your gi and no gi games then here are a couple of FREE resources for you...

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Some of the resources mentioned in todays video include:

Switching from Gi to No Gi (VIDEO)

What is Pressure Passing (VIDEO)

A No Gi Butterfly Guard Gripping Strategy (VIDEO)

The No Gi de la Riva Guard Formula (VIDEO)

How to control someone in Rearmount (VIDEO)

Hidden Legwork Techniques for Maintaining Rearmount (VIDEO)

The Ultimate Guide to the Guillotine Choke (MEGA ARTICLE)


Modern Leglocking Positions {PDF}

The BJJ Formula, including the Back Control Formula, (GRAPPLEARTS INSTRUCTIONAL)

Good luck with your training
Stephan Kesting